Renewable Energy Specialists

We treat landowners as family, and we collaborate with local governments. Our specialized knowledge of the Intermountain West with our focus on building relationships, allows us to build for the long-term while providing benefits to the communities and landowners we partner with.

our Team

Christine Mikell


Christine is an entrepreneur and a pioneer. She is a dynamic and recognized leader in the renewable energy field. As an engineer, she understands the complexities of electricity and the science of making renewable energy available to the grid. Combined with her MBA, she understands how to make renewable energy pay. What sets Christine apart is her ability to negotiate lease agreements with landowners, brief county commissions and city councils and testify before state public service commissions.

In 2004, Christine moved from state government to the private sector when she joined Wasatch Wind and brought the relationships, she had built at the Utah State Energy Office to facilitate moving through the complicated process of energy development.

In 2016 Christine founded Enyo Renewable Energy. Combined with her funding partner, they have invested more than a half billion dollars on projects across the United States. In Utah alone, Enyo has projects under development that can add 500 MWs per year of energy to Utah’s electrical grid (or enough to power 142,000 homes).

Christine’s work ethic, integrity, and vision were instrumental in the successful development of the first utility-scale wind energy project in the state of Utah as well as two bigger projects, the Latigo Wind Park in Monticello, Utah, and the Pioneer Wind Project in Glenrock, Wyoming.

No other renewable energy company in the region can match her record of accomplishment. Since 2010, Christine has developed two of the three wind projects operating in the state of Utah. The energy generated by those two projects goes only to Utah-based utility customers. Construction of the Pioneer Wind Project in Glenrock, Wyoming began in February 2016. This is the first utility scale wind project to be constructed in Wyoming since 2011.

Anise Morrow

Project Manager/GIS Specialist

Anise brings a diverse background and extensive experience to her role at Enyo. She was raised in southeastern Idaho, spending her summers and weekends helping her father on his cattle ranch. After studying architecture at Wellesley College and MIT, Anise worked as a graphic designer in San Francisco before moving to Wyoming, where she started several successful restaurants and raised her family. After many years in the restaurant industry, she developed an app to help consumers donate to nonprofits, then transitioned to working in the renewable energy space.

Anise commutes to Utah to work with the Enyo team. Leveraging her experience in the restaurant industry and upbringing on a cattle ranch, Anise assists with Enyo’s project management and GIS mapping. Her deep knowledge of the region and background in architecture allow her to adeptly guide Enyo’s site planning and permitting processes.

When Anise is not hiking or working among the mountains of Utah and Wyoming, you can find her pursuing her latest passion: longboard surfing.

Meghan Higgins

Land Acquisition Coordinator

Meghan Higgins is Enyo’s primary point of contact for landowners. She coordinates the acquisition of leases and purchases of land for the development of Enyo’s wind, solar, and storage projects. After receiving her Master of Science from Indiana State University and spending 18 years in surgical sales, Meghan transitioned into her role at Enyo to channel her passion for the environment and talent for connecting with people to work at the forefront of the transition to renewable energy.

Meghan’s upbringing on a cattle ranch in the Uinta Mountains of eastern Utah has provided her with firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by landowners in the region. Her understanding and empathy for ranchers enables her to effectively communicate and address their concerns, ensuring that Enyo’s projects are developed with respect for their unique circumstances. She actively collaborates with landowners, guiding them through the land leasing process and fostering awareness of the impacts that Enyo’s projects will have on their ranching and other land-use practices. With her background in sales, expertise in land acquisition, and passion for renewable energy, Meghan plays a vital role in Enyo’s mission to transform the energy landscape while building strong and lasting relationships with landowners and stakeholders alike.

Meghan resides in Emigration Canyon near Salt Lake City, where she and her family enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

Shannon Haley

Environmental and Permitting Manager

Shannon oversees permitting, project management, and asset management for all of Enyo’s wind, solar, and storage projects. While her education was focused on biology, receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Utah, she has a long-standing interest in promoting and growing renewable and clean energy globally. Transitioning to her role at Enyo has allowed Shannon to combine her experience in biology and her talent for project management to directly contribute to the transition to renewable energy.

In her current role, Shannon works closely with local governments, regulatory bodies, and team members to ensure that Enyo’s projects comply with the complex array of environmental, safety, and land-use regulations. Shannon’s diligent oversight ensures the seamless execution of our projects, and her expertise streamlines the permitting process.

Shannon lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and spends her free time snowboarding, mountain biking, and enjoying her family.

Greg Probst

project development and land acquisition

Mr. Probst has over thirty-five years’ experience in legal practice and power project development and management, with emphasis on business transactions, project development and permitting, project management, and representation of independent power producers. Mr. Probst has been an officer and/or director of companies involved in electric power development, electric power production, generation equipment leasing and sales, and natural gas marketing. He has also participated in the development of combined cycle generation, cogeneration, wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas, and pumped storage facilities. Mr. Probst received a JD from the University of Utah College of Law and has served on the State of Utah Energy Council.

Tyson Schreiner

GIS specialist

Tyson brings eighteen years of experience in Geographical Information Services (GIS). From 1999 to 2011, Tyson worked for several companies serving as a GIS Specialist. In 2011, Tyson founded Neatline, LLC, a GIS consulting company located in Wisconsin (fortunately for Enyo, Tyson can make maps from across the country). Tyson’s work includes converting, analyzing, and displaying spatial data using software programs to create maps that are integral to our operations. Tyson’s specific expertise lies in coordinating GIS support for a handful of natural resources, cultural resources, and planning projects.