Utility-Scale Enyo Renewable Energy Projects in the West

wind turbine

Renewable ENergy Projects Developed By Enyo Renewable Energy founder, Christine Mikell

Roundhouse Renewable Energy.                        225 MWs - Cheyenne, WY

Pioneer Wind Park
80 MWs - Glenrock, WY

Latigo Wind Park
60 MWs - Monticello, UT

Spanish Fork Wind Farm
18.9 MWs -Spanish Fork, Utah


Roundhouse Renewable Energy

Located in Cheyenne, WY, the Roundhouse Renewable Energy Project contains 75 turbines that will generate 225 megawatts (MW) of energy. Using local experts in Larimer and Laramie County to assist with the project, Roundhouse Renewable Energy will stimulate local economies, as well as providing a clean and environmentally friendly source energy.

For this project, Enyo Renewable Energy partnered with NextEra Energy Resources and Platt River Power Authority. Together, our team expects this project to generate enough carbon free energy to power half the homes in Fort Collins, CO, Loveland, CO, Estes Park, CO, and Longmont, CO, over the course of one year. The generated energy is expected to decrease Fort Collins' emissions by around 10%, which is a necessary step in its climate action plan of being carbon neutral by 2050.

Pioneer Wind Park

It is only right and fitting that this 46 turbine, 80 megawatt (MW) renewable energy project honor the pioneers of the American West who traversed this rugged country on foot, on horseback and in covered wagons. The pioneers called it the Oregon Trail, and the Mormon Trail as they fought the relentless wind to their destination.  Mormon pioneers mined the first coal mine in the old Wyoming Territory.

Today, Rocky Mountain Power operates a coal-fired power plant in Glenrock. The Pioneer Wind Park located in Glenrock will generate the future, clean and and renewable energy from the wind and provide steady income for landowners and communities that were once a stop for the legendary Pony Express.

Pioneer Wind Park image

 * Enyo Renewable Energy founder, Christine Watson Mikell developed the Spanish Fork, Latigo, and Pioneer projects

Latigo Wind Park

The third utility-scale wind farm in Utah, producing energy that goes directly to power Utah homes and businesses , Latigo’s 27 turbines and approximately 60 megawatts (MW) of energy went online April 2016.  Wind has shaped the landscape of the Colorado Plateau for millenniums.

Now the wind is going to work for the Four Corners region in the town of Monticello.  Developing Latigo required careful negotiation with community leaders, cattle ranchers, farmers and environmental groups.  In addition to generating clean, renewable energy, Latigo generates guaranteed annual income for landowners and funding for schools.

* Enyo Renewable Energy founder, Christine Watson Mikell developed the Spanish Fork, Latigo, and Pioneer projects

Spanish Fork Wind Farm

This was Utah's first utility-scale wind farm. The power that is generated is distributed to Utah home and businesses.  It’s located just south of Brigham Young University, in Utah County.  It's one of the fastest growing, most densely populated regions of the American West, and is widely considered the Silicon Valley of the Interior West.  

The project went online in September 2008, its nine turbines generating 18.9 megawatts (MW) of power without polluting the air or draining water resources.  The Spanish Fork Wind Farm also generates millions of dollars in lease payments that go directly to fund local schools and infrastructure.

Excerpts from Wind Uprising

A documentary film by Michelle Nunez of GreenTech Films.

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