Our Mission is to provide a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations.

Enyo Renewable Energy is an independent wind, solar and storage company that specializes in developing utility-scale renewable energy projects in the Intermountain West. Enyo understands what it takes to site and complete wind, solar and storage projects in the region’s vast deserts and mountain valleys.

We are committed to successful collaborations with people and to meeting the demand for clean energy by working with landowners and communities that can benefit from the development of renewable energy projects.



Enyo identifies and studies prospective sites for wind and solar projects.


Enyo assesses each project individually to determine specific processes and needs to move a project to completion.


Enyo is thoughtful about each site, with special consideration to local landowners and ecological impact.

where do we operate?

Enyo has several wind, solar  and storage energy projects in development in the Intermountain West. Through our regional focus we have become area experts, which has enabled us to maneuver efficiently through the policies and processes of energy development with local communities through long-established relationships.

The cost of wind, solar  and storage energy is now highly competitive and there is no question that utility-scale wind, solar and storage energy are not just viable sources of energy; it’s a critical part of the energy mix.